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23rd March 2014


Loose Thoughts turned 1 today!

Loose Thoughts turned 1 today!

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6th March 2014

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22nd April 2013

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Pink Tacos Stories: Quickie →


It’s a nice, warm night. One of those nights where you refuse to be trapped in the house. I hit my niggas up and we all agreed to hit the club tonight.

We arrive at the club at midnight and the parking lot was hella packed. There is no way I was going to stand in the regular line. I persuaded my…

17th April 2013


On your Mark

Love the adrenalin rush I get when I am just about to finish.
The race might be over but my heart is still running. Panting
Sweating grasping sanity as I gasp for air. Take a moment
To remember how my victory lap started. It began as simple
as most marathons do. you stretch prepare getting limber and flexible,
for long tedious months to the very last moment.
Just two lanes to choose from, either you win or lose.
And there off along with our pointless articles of clothes,
that are interfering with the flesh that’s beneath them.
I need it.
On your mark.
Get Set.
I lunge at you just to run my hands all over the body I beg to conquer.
Thrusting my hands over head and pinning your thick swollen
dick against my now moist sex. Months of preparation
has prepared me for this dick.
Up in your arms I’m suspended up and above cloud nine.
I can agree that this marathon is mine. Bent me over the edge of the bench
I knew at that moment I was finally about to get pressed.
My pussy gushing spread wide open and taking his tongue like a
kid lopping up an ice cream cone, thick long stiff and strong
into his entire face. Pinching my pussy with the tips of his
strong thumbs he dived in and I felt my first arrival about to cum.
Biting my lower lip concealing my squeals I can still hear
the clicks from the weights in my ears above my head.
He touched me, spread me, opened me, and closed me,
before our first lap and I couldn’t stop myself I had to ride his tongue back.
The one gym open late and could fit into my schedule who knew I would
be sweating tonight. As he pulled back I can taste
my juices all over his thick watermelon lips, he plummeted his dick deep
and far inside me. Now if my pussy was a room his dick would surely fill it.
I moan he groans and the weights are quickly clanking.
Kisses on my breast and hickeys down to my inward navel.
My back arched and my nipples point to the sky,
in the moment you just feel so alive. Working out for him for months
has been mental torture my personal trainers special personal touch.
He’s body is smoldering and his hips are thrusting into me just as
I am climaxing, six pack abs and a tight ass to sink my teeth into.
Grabbing his Luscious locks twirling them into manicured fingers.
He’s Carmel skin melts into my honey and sweet taste rolls
between our two over-worked bodies.
His brown eyes search and find mine and
I throw my arms in the air
as I cross that fucking finish line.

11th April 2013



I wonder what it’s like
To love endlessly.
To have no fear regrets and have support mentally.
I wonder what it’s like, to hold on to you until gravity dissipates.
I wonder what it’s like, to you know, give all of your heart
to another person, and physically die without
their touch,
their kiss,
their existence.
I want to feel the deep mental penetrations of subliminal
mental incantations.
Make love to not just my body but to my soul to my mind.
Climax the erotic fire in between my sweet Carmel thighs.
Escape into sweet sublime scratching at the surface when
two worlds reck havoc and eventually explosively collide.
I wonder what it’s like, to be in love with you.
To experience your intelligence, endure in your adventures
and explore and get lost in your escapades.
I wonder what it’s like, to be liberated from my heart,
pour it out until the very last drop into my passion,
leaving nothing else but raw reckless abandon.
I wonder what it’s like, to hold hands laced with
sweet lovers sweat, moist with pride and respect.
I wonder what it’s like, to count sheep,
watch the letter z creep from your mind
as fairy tales do all the time just so I can watch
your chest increase and then decline.
There used to be a time when all that could have been mine,
I remember those moments I recall what I wondered.
I wondered what it would be like to kiss a boy for the
first time.
Will he bite his lip or will I bite mine. Do my hands
go there or is that for his, my palms are sweaty
Gosh I can’t do this. but we were just kids then,
we didn’t know then.
Now all that bullshit is pushed aside.
Now we are older and the skirts are getting shorter
and the drinks are getting stronger
And our words are getting bolder.
and the body’s are chiseled and the asses are rounder.
The breast stick out and the dicks are get harder
to follow my words since I am rambling my thoughts.
I wonder what it’s like to slow dance,
To move pelvis to pelvis cheek to cheek till the moment
when the world around us becomes obsolete.
I wonder what it’s like, to runway with the night, dance
with the fireflies and swing through the pines, watching consolations
realign before my eyes in your arms ill reside.
The room is spinning and I’m afraid I’m not winning, the
advances are getting hotter and the will is no longer
and the women become the prey. No longer can we say we
are afraid. most of us would choose to have it this way.
When we were once girls before our lips touched that oh so
seductive skin that is. A woman wonders what could have been,
which ultimately means that it should have been.
I wonder what it’s like, to feel even feel innocent again.

10th April 2013

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10th April 2013


No Soliciting

Morning after morning I watch you from my balcony.
You lived across from me for almost 3 years, we share a cup
of coffee and then you go about your day. I’ve never noticed
if you’re flirting or just talking all I can really notice is that
body rock solid and it’s calling me. See now when you head back
inside and get ready for work, I just think about how lonely you
must be in those 22 minute showers you take. Oh how I would love
to be the water dripping down your back. I’ve seen the girls that
have come through there leaving with slightly smudged make up
and just fucked hair, how I wish that would me you’re taking into
that big white bachelor pad bedroom. I want to taste that strong
chocolate skin and leave bite marks on it endlessly. I want to engulf
that penis in quick fast and in a hurry. But I just watch you from
my balcony and great you with pleasantries. So to fast forward to
the moment when my hormones rage through I needed s cup of sugar
no fuck it I needed you. But just as I was about to come over there to
seduce I heard a knock at my door and I knew my sexy little plan was through.
Grabbing my coat to see who is fucking up my little groove it’s probably
that little ole lady with thy dang cat named Stew. How bad I want go yell
through “No soliciting”
Stepping to my door to endure her boring conversation about
the sale on Prune juice. Unlocking the door to my surprise its you.
My words escape me and my breath is uneasy
all I can do I’d just stare at you. I must be tripping because all I could do is
focus on those thick juicy lips running all over me. But what comes next
was no where near fantasy. Pinned against my wall scratching the paint
damn near off my envious eyes rolled back from their rightful place.
Grunts and moans and slurping sounds I can feel your mouth plummeting me down south.
Torn clothes all over my living room floor all I can hear is baby I want more.
With your sticky face and my legs draped over those big round shoulders,
quakes and shivers as my body convulses over. I regain coherent Consciousness I
hear the smooth butter of your voice hot and heavy in my ear telling me that
this round is far from over. At last it’s my turn to taste that huge appendage
for months I’ve been craving. Sloppy kisses and moist cheeks filling my mouth
with 8 inches deep, lucky me it’s like my own special treat. It’s smooth and
thick and it’s pulsating as I take every single inch by inch deep deep within.
I hear the rustle and moans and groans of your wicked voice as it entices
me to devour it much further. With the burst of your sweet cream trickling
down my throat I am full and still want more. As you lead me to my counter
and lay be down on its ice cold Granite your locked on me with fire in your
eyes hungry for more I really try not to ask. Rugged hands grabbing my ass
I’m thrusted on to the ride of my life. When you slowly slide me down that
dick my horniness multiples. With one leg around your waist and the other
on the shoulder I take my beatings like a bird flying into a bolder. With time
elapsing and the morning returning, our pleasure ecstasy was the best
fucking reality. In the morning I wake with a smile on my face along with slightly
smudged make up and just fucked hair
I read the note left on my vanity reading
“I love being your neighbor from apartment 103”

9th April 2013

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Closet Case

Cluttered up my closet with the bullshit we’ve forgotten
Falsified records and empty promises.
Pull back the curtains to all lies we have in common,
Dirty girls on cum plastered playboys, expired
wrappers from one nights stands, half a bottle
of Hen, from that night we would never forget.
Yearbooks with the whose hottest list, signed with
KITs and see you next years. plastered with lyrics
from songs from the artist we forget.
Back into the closet where we settled our debts,
hid our secrets, like the boys we kissed the guilt we tripped.
Over and over we try to relive what moments we thought
where the best when we were just kids. Of course there lies
the person you once knew, the innocent scholar and America’s
favorite son or daughter. Just that snot infested kid
before all the trash and influences we went through.
Remember the drugs we tried to use and the shots we took.
The hushed conversations you had about sex, the pillow talk with your ex.
The pair of shoes you wore every day until
Jordan released his latest jays. The time you hid your
sexuality contemplating between Harry or Sally.
The hormones that raged and the type of sex you craved
until you we’re sure you wanted the whips and chains.
The bad nights too, like when your moms boyfriend snuck into your
room and kissed you while you slept. The days where the
dark depression took over and the thoughts of suicide surfaced
in your attempt to escape. The teen melodrama you fought
over endlessly with your parents and the plastic girls
who everyone actually hated. From the padded bras you sought over
stuffed with tissue and cotton balls and miracle water bras
and the end of the 8th grade. To puberty and balls dropping
and the introduction of that annoying bitch aunt flow.
The teddy bear you used to hug and the G.I Joes you collected.
Remember the first and remember the last times you said you’d never cry.
Tucked deep back in the closet with all the dreams and ambitious
from childhood. We all amount to closet basket cases
some of us just have sexier faces and stay getting wasted.

8th April 2013

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Pink Tacos Stories: Try Something Different →


“Let’s try something different,” I said.

“Different like what?” She asked.

“You know, some freaky, different type of shit,” I said.

She turned to me and gave me that look.

“Hmmm, what you got in mind this time babe?” She asked.

The last time we tried something different a bunch of kids…

Lets try something different, a good read!!! Cudos